Engineering Management

Most of the International Engineering aspirants have three choices after their 12th Either a full-time Engineering degree, Management Degree or Engineering management degree. Engineering Management is an excellent program which combines engineering along with the management subjects. Nowadays after pursuing Engineering degree majority of the students are interested in qualifying MBA or Masters in Management program. Why it is because the manufacturing, Production, Operation unit requires not only engineers their requirement is more additional to manage the future engineers. The concept is little different; The Engineer can only qualify the masters in engineering management program. The niche point is straightforward the student has already studied the Engineering subjects they need to consider the remaining engineering masters subjects along with the management curriculum.
Majority of the Masters in engineering management program providers have the facility of Labs, Research facilities… During the study time the candidate is studying the following Subjects:

  • Logistics and Supply chain management.
  • International Manufacturing.
  • Sustainable design in Manufacturing.
  • Production.
  • Operation.
  • Project Management.
  • Global operations.
  • International Engineering Strategy.
  • Leadership Quality.
  • Human Resource Management.
  • Risk Management.

The Student can go for the optional modules. Also, The student can select 2 to 4 additional optional modules. It will give a clear insight into the program. Apart from the subjects the final semester the student have a dissertation project also. Once it is completed the student requires to present the plan in their peers and group of faculties. These all will root a clear idea about the engineering management program.

Eligibility of the Program :
The student needs to study Science group in their 12th for the Bachelors Program. The student should study physics, Chemistry and mathematics core subjects in their 12th. Many Universities requires at least a 60% score in their 12th for mathematics to qualify the Bachelors in Engineering Management program. If it is in the case of masters degree the student successfully qualify their Bachelor’s degree along with 2:2 UK qualification standard.

English Language eligibility :
For bachelors in engineering management, the student should qualify at least 6.0 Overall IELTS and Individual 5.5, but there are so many United Kingdom institutions are considering the student 12th English score. If the student is from the background of CBSE or ICSE they have a score of 65% above in their 12th English the student will not take any IELTS, TOEFL, PTE test.

For the Master’s program, the overall IELTS should be 6.5 and Individual 6.0, but some Universities are preferring 7.0 Overall and Individual 6.5, Some are seeking total 6.0 and individual 5.5 also.

Engineering Management career prospective are :

  • Project Manager.
  • Lead analyst.
  • Quality Surveyor.