Why do you want to study your Masters in Business Administration in the UK? The answer is quite simple. The UK is the pioneer for Management education. The Main advantages of the UK MBA are the program admit and accept all the countries. UK degrees are popular in the worldwide. Niche areas of specializations available in the UK. For Eg : Finance, Marketing, IT, Digital Marketing, International Business, HR, Strategy Management, International Finance, International Marketing. Most of the UK Universities are very popular for MBA. So many UK Universities are offering 1 Year Management Degrees. There are 2 Years MBA offering UK Universities also available.

The Universities are categorized and ranked many levels in the UK. According to the Faculty profile, Student-Faculty Ratio, Clubbed programs, Case Studies, Projects, Libraries, Campus Exposure, Other country collaboration. Most of the University is ranked in the world top 500 for their MBA program. The students are studying their MBA degrees with Management games, Projects, Research, Case Studies. As their part of the study, the students are getting an opportunity to work in the industry for getting more exposure. Many UK Universities are offering 12 weeks to 52 weeks Duration Work Placement as part of their study. In that time students have a chance to get real-time work exposure and experience.

The Examination model is also very different comparatively Indian examination system. UK Universities examination system based on presentation models about the case studies, Projects, and Theoretical Examination. The eligibility is also quite easy comparatively other countries options. The United Kingdom will accept long year gaps of the students. If the student has quite good work experience, the student will get enrolment for M Sc in Management and MBA. The Premium Schools in the UK required GMAT Score, Work Experience and IELTS Score and a First Class British degree qualification for the admission procedure but there are a lot of high ranked UK Universities not required IELTS Score and GMAT Grade. So Many UK Universities are offering IELTS Waiver for the International students according to their 12th English Score.

Many Indian students are love to study and live in Birmingham, London, Manchester, Nottingham, Leicester, Cardiff, Sheffield, Edinburgh, Glasgow, New Castle, Bedfordshire, Oxford. The Pound is the UK currency. Indian students the most attractive thing is that during their study time they can find out many Indians in the UK. London is the most popular destination for Indian students. The central intake for the MBA program is Septemeber and January. The Visa Procedures are quite easy comparatively than other countries. There are Educational Institutions in the UK offering a pre-masters course to the International students who didn’t meet the University direct entry criteria. After the masters, the International students can join with the 1st Year Students. To know about the Famous and Popular UK Universities awarding their management degrees, You can speak with our counselor.